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SynoCare Trust Zimbabwe

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We are an organisation driven to make a positive and real impact in the society in the areas we focus on in relation to our objectives. We are working to achieve our goals and to implement successful projects through partnering with different stakeholders both in Zimbabwe and internationally. We are on a mission to see that those we assist gain self esteem, self confidence, self respect, self acceptance and the right mentorship, education and awareness and in turn build self reliance to uplift their lives.

We make a difference through the projects we run

We are running support groups where we have tea with different groups of people in relation to thyroid and have a functional creatives club that has youths participating in activities like song and dance as a preventative measure against drugs and substance abuse.


The Fight on Thyroid Disease

Through awareness, education and self screening measures of thyroid, we can make a significant impact on improving the lives of people affected by thyroid/thyroid cancer

The Fight on Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Abuse

For those not using drugs we fight to strengthen their involvement in creative clubs, sports and social activities not involving drugs. For drug users, we convey a positive message that giving up drugs is possible and how to stay sober using HTSS Program(How To Stay Sober Program)

Our initiatives

Drug and Substance Abuse Awareness and preventative measures.
Thyroid Awareness and Education
Psycho-Social Support

Programs with a difference


Through experience the best help that we can give is to mentor






Help us maintain our commitment to those we assist.